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Bear Conflict SolutionsGRIZZLY BEARS are currently listed as THREATENED in the province of Alberta. As such, numerous initiatives are being undertaken in the Bow Valley to reduce interactions between people and bears and the resulting removal of bears. The Institute supports research projects that focus on enhancing our knowledge of techniques and initiatives that reduce such interactions. This is done with the support of government wildlife managing agencies and local communities. This area of work provides wildlife managers an opportunity to consider alternative methods to manage “problem bears” through science-based research.

Bear Hazard Assessments

The Institute is a specialist in developing and producing Bear Hazard Assessments for communities located in bear country. LEARN MORE ABOUT BEAR HAZARD ASSESSMENTS

Bear Bin Loaner Program

In partnership with the Alberta Conservation Association, Bear Conflict Solutions instituted a “Bear Resistant Container Loaner Program” for the community of Bragg Creek and area … LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS PROGRAM

Attractant Management

Grizzly bears that are attracted to developed sites for the natural attractants they provide, can become habituated and/ or food conditioned. This can often result in bears being relocated or euthanized out of concern for public safety. LEARN MORE ABOUT ATTRACTANT MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS AND RESEARCH

Living With Wildlife

Living With Wildlife Bear Conflict Solutions partnered with Bow Valley filmmaker Leanne Allison to create an exciting new film.

Bear Blog

Bear spray works

Bear on the run How bear spray works. Why it works. How to use it. Where to buy it.

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