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BearSmart Communities


BearSmart CommunitiesALBERTA BEARSMART is a program intended to engage local communities and educate residents about how to live, work and recreate safely in bear country within their communities. There are a number of actual BearSmart communities within Alberta and the intent of this page is to highlight the programs of these various communities and to encourage other communities to consider adopting some of these initiatives in order to reduce the number of negative human-bear interactions. It also provides a platform to share new ideas and initiatives with other like-minded people and communities.

community-bearsmartAlberta BearSmart

BearSmart is a public awareness program for people visiting, living or working in bear territory. Our goals are to:

  • Empower Albertans with the information to make safe decisions when in bear territory
  • Help bear populations survive by educating people on how to prevent encounters and how to respond appropriately in a bear encounter
  • Reduce property damage caused by bears

Learn more about the BearSmart public awareness program and how it works.

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The Mountain View BearSmart Society  is a community based group of volunteers who work in conjunction with the Sustainable Resource Development Fish & Wildlife and the County of Mountain View to minimize the potential conflict between humans, bears and other wildlife.

Find out how can you participate in the Mountain View BearSmart Program.

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community-crowsnestCrowsnest Pass

Crowsnest Conservation Society is a diverse group of individuals with a passion for nature and the beautiful landscapes in the Crowsnest Pass and surrounding area. We share a strong conservation ethic and a desire to integrate this into the mainstream of our community. We are active in undertaking and supporting programs that preserve, protect and enhance nature and the landscapes we cherish, while ensuring a vibrant growing community.

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community-wildsmartBow Valley

The WildSmart program is a proactive conservation strategy that encourages efforts by communities to reduce negative human-wildlife interactions.

Our goal is to develop a coordinated approach to education/outreach programs and help support direct management activities that will aid in increasing public safety and enjoyment as well as contribute towards sustainable wildlife populations.

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If you would like your community included on this page, we encourage you to do so by emailing your information to communities@bearconflict.org

Living With Wildlife

Living With Wildlife Bear Conflict Solutions partnered with Bow Valley filmmaker Leanne Allison to create an exciting new film.

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