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BearSmart: The basics of Electric Fencing to deter bears


Securing available attractants as much as possible is an effective way of preventing bears from visiting in the first place. This can include placing garbage and pet or livestock feed inside buildings or in a bear resistant container or removing fruit from trees or bushes before bears can get to it. A properly constructed and maintained electric fence can be an effective way […]

BearSmart: Secure your beehives from bears


In recent years, the number of bee operations has increased, often into known bear habitat. As a result, interactions between bears and bee keepers are also increasing. There are a number of proactive measures that are recommended to protect bee yards and bee keepers from bears and other animals. Click to view or download.

Documentary: Living with Wildlife

Living With Wildlife - Bear Conflict Solutions

Bear Conflict Solutions and partners are pleased to announce the completion of the 25-minute documentary Living with Wildlife. “The idea for this project came after Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) held the Western Black Bear conference in Canmore and toured the visiting biologists from all over North America to see our garbage systems, attractant management program, highway […]

Bow Valley Filmmaker Releases “Living With Wildlife” Trailer

Living With Wildlife - Bear Conflict Solutions

Exciting news! Bear Conflict Solutions has partnered with Bow Valley filmmaker Leanne Allison to create an exciting new film that highlights how the Bow Valley is Living with Wildlife. The film documents the numerous wildlife mitigation projects that have occurred over the years in the Bow Valley including the creation of wildlife corridors, highway fencing […]

Bear Rub Video

Bear Conflict Solutions

Bears and other animals will often rub up against trees. Some researchers believe they are marking , or communicating , their presence to other animals. Bears are particularly keen to do this . Check out this video of bears rubbin’. Thanks to Tim Manley , Montana Fish wildlife and Parks for this footage.

Living With Wildlife

Living With Wildlife Bear Conflict Solutions partnered with Bow Valley filmmaker Leanne Allison to create an exciting new film.

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Bear on the run How bear spray works. Why it works. How to use it. Where to buy it.

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