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In The News – Rancher Safety Workshops

Bear Conflict Solutions has been working with landowners and other interested parties including Alberta Bear Smart, SALTS, and the Waterton Biosphere Reserve. BCS has provided expertise and financial support toward over half a dozen workshops to ranchers and acreage owners in southern Alberta over the last few years. One of the key results stemming from these workshops is the recognition that bear spray can be an effective tool during interactions with bears and other wildlife. Click to view this report about Efficacy of Bear Deterrent Spray.

Bear Conflict Solutions

Children as young as eight-years-old learn how to operate a bear spray cannister during a workshop that focuses on safety for ranchers. (Tim Devlin/CBC)

Calgary Herald: Ranchers learn how to deal with bears and wolves in Alberta’s foothills

June 18, 2016

BAR U RANCH — One by one, residents and landowners in Alberta’s foothills grabbed a can of inert bear spray and practised spraying it at a wood cut-out of a bear about five metres away.

The lesson was part of a bear safety workshop held for about 50 area residents on Friday.

“It’s nice to come and get some instruction,” said Wendy Dunn, a Calgarian who lives with her husband, John, in the Porcupine Hills.

They’ve seen a lot of black bears and cougars, and their neighbours have seen grizzlies on their property.

It’s a new reality in ranching country east of the Rockies in the past decade, leading to increasing conflicts between landowners and large carnivores in recent years.

Click to view the full article on the Calgary Herald website.

CBC Calgary: Alberta ranchers brush up on bear safety during workshop

July 21, 2015

Farmers and ranchers in southern Alberta have been seeing more bears in recent years and a workshop has been designed to help them deal with the encounters.

A key part of the workshop is learning how to use pepper spray effectively.

Children as young as eight are included in the training.

Alberta Parks spokesperson Jay Honeyman says they have run the workshop several times and it is paying off.

Click to view the full article on the CBC News Calgary website.

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